We had been sailing throughout the evening and just as the sun was about to rise we could see its expanse in the distance. It had large majestic dark rocked mountains and a sea of drifting wind-blown green foliage. After hearing about this spot just a small distance from the coast of Sumatra we were all anxious to reach our destination and begin exploring. None of us knew what sort of wealth was to be found though no one had previously exploited it for their gain. I made my way down to my quarters to make some last-minute preparations packing a ruck sack  neatly and organizing anything I thought might be valuable to our exploration. Last but not least I took one last look at the map before rolling it up for packing and saw in the local natives tongue the two words, Skull Island.

I quickly became interested in Atlanta’s Bathcrones following hearing their single False Teeth which was featured on their album Psychorama out on No Pain In Pop. After hearing it recently pop up again on random with its percussive filled tropical vibes I decided it was time to see what they have been up to recently. I’m glad I did as I found these new singles Skull Island and Casa Olia from their upcoming LP waiting in their Bandcamp. Skull Island sounds similar to False Teeth in that it also has a very tropical sound to it. The subtle building intro crashes right into the percussive beats and electronic sounds flawlessly then carries you out to sea with a pulsing electro beat. Casa Olia is a more relaxed slowed down affair but it definitely isn’t less electric with wave after wave of delicately laid out percussion and outer space Balearic infused electronics. After hearing both I’m excited to see how the full length turns out but until then at least I have these two singles to relax on the beach with.

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