He is the kind of man who you can’t resist from the moment you lay eyes on him. He is checking himself out in the makeup mirror of his black Mercedes and you just know that in a few moments he will be slowly walking up to the party. He will pause a small distance away from the door pretending to be non-offensive and flip a lighter open, light a cigarette and take a moment to look at his new phone. This is so everyone notices him standing alone. All of the attendees of the party will pretend to be offended by his terrible smoking habit while hiding thoughts about fucking him. He will stub the cigarette out on the heel of his thousand dollar loafers and float into the room ready to break the next heart.

Party Girl’s recent five track offering Heartbreaker on Bandcamp is perfectly made for laying your lover down and whispering sweet nothings into their ears. It is the sound of candles being lit and champagne corks being popped. Smooth RnB infused electronics greet your ears from the word go and don’t let up until you are done. Pinpoint drum programming bumps and taps over relaxed quiet storm nostalgia inducing samples and grooves preparing you for your special night. It has the echo of many various influences piecing them all together into a quilt of warm woven sensuality. Unfortunately I had no luck tracking down any info on the artist/artists behind this project yet so I have no idea who to credit. Give them some credit by having a listen to the full five track release here and keep an ear out. You won’t want to miss out on this.

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