I find it scary that at my age I am still not really what I ever thought was an adult. Sure I work hard make my wage and pay my bills, but I still don’t have many answers. I remember thinking as a child that anyone that I knew to be an adult seemed to really have an idea of what was going on around them and the world. They seemed to know the path one might take to success without any real bumps in the road. There was always enough money to pay the bills and still have a lot of fun. Your government and your job cared about you as an individual and not just as a source for the top ranks to become billionaires. As I have grown older however I realize that those things and answers have escaped me. I am not an adult because I have this life figured out. I am an adult because I have found a way to survive without knowing the answers at all.

Blackbird Blackbird continues to work hard as well. It seems that at any moment there will be a new single and a gracious personal e-mail awaiting me with something to get excited about. This is definitely the case with his latest single Modern Disbelief which will be an exclusive added bonus track to the Summer Heart LP to be released on Sept 28th on Arcade Sound Ltd. The track features what I believe to be one of the finest displays of synth pop released all year in a year full of various electronic projects. While simply that would be enough for me to get to listening to it repeatedly it also has some of his best vocal work so far which will also have an added surprise touch on the album and a sneaky little sample of none other than Marvin Gaye’s track Night Fever. Give it a listen here and prepare yourselves for the release of the LP soon. I guarantee it will be headphone magic.

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Album art collage by Jheri Evans of Get Off The Coast
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