I remember when I first was forced to try it. I’m pretty sure the man was a pimp and his number one lady trapped me in the back of the club inviting me for what seemed like a normal conversation outside. He walked out and took the crystalline powder out spreading it thin on a sheet of paper. Like some sort of chemical dye it washed over the paper and I was told to press it against my face. I was afraid at first as I should have been. I’d heard the rumors about shimmer and what it could do to you. No one escaped the addiction. She took a mirror out of her pocket at the moment I said I could feel my face tingle and when I gazed into it I realized why no one escapes. There staring back at me was nothing but empty shining glass.

San Jose native Justin Morales has crafted a mixture of digital and analog instrumentation into a Shoegaze influenced salad that is crisp to the taste with his new full length LP Shimmer. While the pieces of ingredients are finely chopped and clocked in at under three and a half minutes for the most part each is a tender morsel of electronic elements and strummed and plucked guitar. The vocals remain minimal however when used they fit in perfectly with the various tones and melodies. This is an interesting album that is hard to pigeon-hole into any of the many genres it seamlessly wanders its way through. Give this small sample a taste and then head over to the Seabright Bandcamp and half a listen or a download of the full fourteen track LP as it would be the perfect thing to spend a Sunday afternoon with.

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