She was waiting for me to get out of work that evening. I was coming in run down and worn out from the first half of an eight-hour graveyard shift from hell. I don’t think there was a part of me that wasn’t aching from all of the rushed lifting and the severe heat. My head was held low and as I approached the apartment lifting it slowly there she was standing there looking beautiful with her arms held out to greet me. I let myself stumble weakly into her arms and all of the pain and horrible thoughts were washed away the moment our lips touched while we stood in the starlight.

Awoke to a brand new collaboration from Mikey this evening and after looping it for the past half hour all I can say is wow. Mikey by the way is none other than Blackbird Blackbird who has a self-proclaimed addiction to making music and be glad he does. This new single Starlight features his trademark synth work and a female vocal from Steffaloo that will absolutely melt you the moment you hear it dance from channel to channel. Obviously headphone listening is suggested to experience the full effect of this emotional relaxed pace slow dance and should give you a preview of what might be to come out of the many various projects and collaborations currently in the works. Also take note that Steffaloo the other half of this brilliant collaboration is none other than the sister of Tim from fellow blog SmokeDon’tSmoke and is featured in the album art as well. You can stream the track via his Tumblr or here.

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