I woke up to the phone ringing and shook myself awake just in time to miss it. After my shower and breakfast I glanced over at the phone, stood up, and made my way over to return the call. Eight rings sung out with no answer and I was forced to go out and get to work. I came home at lunch to see I had missed yet another call. I rushed my meal and picked up the receiver giving this another try. Still no luck reaching out and I was forced to finish out my work day. I returned home and set my things down. Had another shower then sat down to relax and thought I should check one last time. Ring after ring and yet nothing on the other end. It was just as I was about to drift off to sleep that I heard the phone and finally heard your voice say “Hello.”

I’ve been meaning to mention this three track EP simply called EP by Brooklyn’s Phone Tag for some time now. Though it is only three tracks long each piece is a relaxing well made electronic gem. The vocals are exceptional and full of emotive elements and well written lyrical passages that stick in your head from start to finish. The musical background riding underneath is enough to make your hips sway though it never attempts to beat you into submission. Bouncing drums and synth washes rise and fall throughout the first track No Color then the gears are shifted to a slower more peaceful pace on the second track Let It Go with its twinkling star background and catchy repeated vocal lines. The closing track Promised You falls somewhere in the middle with a medium paced wobble that drifts in and out allowing the vocals to burst forth then slide their way back into the track. I look forward to hearing more from Phone Tag in the near future as I think there are a variety of directions this project could move in.

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