Ever have one of those days where you just plain don’t want to do shit? Those dishes are in the way when you wake up to fill your coffee pot. Just making the trip to the kitchen is a labyrinth like walk through piles of clothes waiting to be washed. A bill sits on your counter and sure you have the money to pay it but it still has a couple of days before it’s due so there it will sit. You can feel your carpet hating you with various pointy bits of who knows what poking and prodding at your feet. You turn a video game on and off again or start a movie only to make it two minutes past the credits. Even a visit or a phone call seems like an unwelcome intrusion on your laziness. The mere thought of getting off your ass and doing some work soon only creates a building dread and so what choice do you have other than to just sit back, relax, and smoke weed about it.

While the majority of us may have many of the sort of days I just described it is hard to imagine Brandon Biondo having too many this year. As the months have passed there have been a constant stream of quality varied musical excursions slowly leaking their way into everyone’s ears. Whether it be the Buffalo EP with COOLRUNNINGS the Twinkiebots Embarrassment album or his own various solo efforts under his own name that snuck up on us like Westworld and his Untitled collaboration with Mat Cothran the one thing that ties them all together is that this a man who loves to make music and has a million and one ways trapped inside of his head to do so with. This EP under the name of Walsh is seven tracks released via AMDISCS and includes some of those previous efforts some fresh ones and a new collaboration with Squadda Bambino of Main Attraktionz and can be downloaded absolutely free here. Don’t just sit around doing nothing today start clicking that link and having a listen.

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