I felt nothing at all standing head first in between my three-way mirror folded out into a triangle of infinite images of myself. I felt no pain or sorrow. I felt no disappointment in myself and no worry about the things that weighed on my shoulders each day. I felt no happiness or joy. I felt no relief in the fact that maybe there were good things around the corner just waiting to come my way. I felt absolutely nothing and it was the best I could ever feel. I was just standing there staring into those faces doing nothing more than inner gazing.

The new album Inner Gazing from Mickey Mickey Rourke is finally complete and out for all to download and enjoy via his Bandcamp and what an album it is. The album is dedicated to his grandpa Hernan Velez (1927/2010) and much like his previous efforts there is a world of sound just waiting to unfold from start to finish. You may have heard the two preview tracks that were released earlier this year (the albums closer Yarn Bones and his collaboration Candy Cults with Top Girls). The album also contains five other headphone hallucination inducing original works that are as usual mind-bending wide open sounds-capes perfect for introspection and investigation into the self-conscious.

Not only are his original songs experimental ambient masterpieces, he also has another five collaborations with a few names you may recognize. Craft Spells, Raw Moans, Foxes In Fiction, Universe and his partner in the Mickey Brown albums Lester Brown each add their own mixture and layers to their contributions much like the collaboration with Top Girls. This is a special and heart touching album that deserves your attention as you will rarely if ever find an artist so unafraid to experiment with music as outwardly and creatively as Miller Rodriguez does. Grab a copy free of charge and walk with me into ourselves.

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