I could hear the pebbles glancing off the window and I knew it was time. I had gone to bed fully dressed covered by a blanket up to the neck in order rush things once I knew my parents were asleep. Underneath my bed were all of the supplies that I would need for my night out on the town. A large duffel bag pack to the gills with toilet paper, shaving cream, and eggs were my weapons of choice for tonight’s undercover adventure. Charlie waited outside while I opened my window and slipped out undetected into the cool night air. We made our way through alleys and back streets ducking behind whatever cover was available along the way to our target. This adventure would be a piece of cake to get away with considering it was a school night.

Foxes In Fiction and Coma Cinema have recently joined forces to begin working on an EP of collaborative efforts under the guise of Coma Foxes and this is the first offering of what the two have been working on. Being a fan of both of their separate efforts I was intrigued to give this a listen and what I found when I did was something very refreshing. Simplistic in nature and brilliant in execution the song soars along on a great emotive vocal with a surprising Judas Priest LP set to rewind Satan is speaking to you repetition breaking in from the intro until the song fades out. You can hear and download the track on either of their Tumblrs found here and here.

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