Everyone said I should be proud that I was lucky enough to be accepted to do this. While it did allow for me to gain a great amount of respect should I actually survive, it also brought its own share of pain and degradation. Spending hours shining this pompous royals armor like some sort of common peasant didn’t seem like much of a step up from just being one. The fact is I wasn’t born to be a hero at all. I was just minding my business in the countryside searching for fruit or a slow animal I could capture and feed myself with. She must have been doing the same when the wild boar began to approach her and I was only fueled by adrenaline and lust when I rushed in to shove her out of its path and fend it off long enough for us to reach the noise and safety of town. The townspeople took this act as chivalry and the king was told that I would be worthy enough to be called a page.

School Knights are a pair of ultra megadudes ready to rock your face off. They are made up of Zack Roif and Weed Diamond’s Michael Stein. They have a 7″ EP coming out shortly titled RUSH SK. Now that we are past the who is who and the what is what here is what this pair are bringing to your music collection. Some of the most whip-smart loud combination of rollicking drums and catchy guitar riffs I’ve heard all summer come together with the pairs vocals to create an exciting rush of good time rock n roll. Give a sampling to the two tracks they sent my way here, then pop over to their Myspace and hear two more and stay tuned for more info on when and where that 7″ inch will drop.


Prom Queen

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