I’ll never forget those nights as a child when we would be out a bit too late walking home hand in hand with the fear rising in us as we had to pass that big old white house on her corner. He was always up in that window with his rotund scary frame staring out us, an empty black faceless monster without any facial detail. We were always a little afraid and forced to pick up our pace at the sight of this massive shadow overlooking the one street corner of our neighborhood with no lamppost to guide us in the dark. I don’t think in all of the time that I spent there that we ever saw his face in daylight and I’m not sure either of us ever wanted to.

Sean Moore whose work both solo and with the group Estate Sale Boat I previously covered is back with a two-track digital only release titled Protagonist/Antagonist. The two songs are quite the change of pace from the pop filled verses of Ashley that you heard here before. Instead on these two vast compositions he chose to experiment with sound with great results creating two very tense droning songs made perfectly for headphone drifting. According to his Bandcamp bio for the release this is his second dip in the electronic pool (The first being Rotoscope Reflections) and the lyrical content was taken from the classic Alfred Hitchcock film Rear Window. Hear one of the two tracks here then have a look at his Bandcamp for the other as well as his previous work. He is a very prolific musician who takes on varied forms of music gracefully and without fear and provides a varied and talented catalog of music for you to browse and sample.

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