You would have thought that I would be afraid that day rising slowly on hand stitched wings burned together with the wax of one hundred candles. The drifting and shifting ocean winds pressing gently against them driving me toward oblivion however were nothing to be afraid of. For a moment I considered that I may have challenged nature too harshly in my attempt to reach out to the sun and be one with the creatures blessed with the gift of flight. In the next all I could do was think that with this one life I was willing to take a leap and attempt to grasp the one thing that fueled my desire. There was no emotion but peace and this understanding when my descent was eminent.

The latest pair of artists to come together in collaboration here in the pages of GPBP are none other than Police Academy 6 and unouomedude. This pair has come together to create a gorgeous slow burning retro tinged relaxing groove. Driving along through the night over hand clap percussion and deep bass filled rhythms uno’s voice shines much like Steffaloo’s did in the recent collaboration with Blackbird Blackbird. This is a prime example of two seemingly unrelated artists bringing both of what they do best to the table and creating something fresh and refreshing. Chilled without being Chillwave this pairing delivers a laid back hazed out groove.  The symbiotic collaboration of these two artists coming together works perfectly. Listen here and reach out to the sun with me.

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