We were foreign to them even though they had no idea where we had come from. Our backgrounds completely protected and in fact created by their own government for both of our protection was flawless right down to every last detail. Identification and employment were given as was a certain amount of allowance just to help us get by. Each day we saw them bicker on the television about how illegal aliens were taking their precious jobs and yet no one ever paid us any mind. I suppose they just never thought to ask since we looked just like them. After over fifty years since our landing here we didn’t believe that a single person left living would even remember where we came from.

Got an email from a fresh young band out of Northampton Mass. called NYC UFO’s leading me to their ten track debut album that was recently posted up on Bandcamp. Five of the tracks are mastered recordings while the other five are still lo-fi demos giving them a solid framework to build their guitar driven pop upon. This is a fine debut in every way and they play a nice variety of upbeat solid rock n roll. For me personally the stand out tracks are the opening gem Any Other Time which points right back to early era Strokes in all the right ways and it’s follower the steady driving Give It To You with its almost Stipe like Crush With Eyeliner breakdown section. Give the full ten track album a listen here and turn your Tuesday volume up loud.

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