He walked out slowly onto the pitch black stage in front of the anxious crowd. The lights started to rise slowly and the outline of a man dressed to the nines started to appear against the velvet curtains. The curtains began to spread and that was when they saw the box. It was large and ominous and draped with purple silk. His assistant then walked onto the stage removing the drape and displaying the prop’s artwork began to open the door that led into a veil of darkness. He made many grand gestures with hands informing the crowd without a word of his plans to disappear. He turned slowly and stepped into the box while the assistant closed the door behind him and gave it three spins. When the door finally opened the man was gone.

Mickey Mickey Rourke just released an album titled Inner Gazing and while that album is amazing and could easily hold his fans over for a good while to come, leave it to this master of auditory hallucination creation to already announce his next project. The album will be called Magic User and you can expect some visits from his friends much like they collaborated on his recent work. The first preview of this upcoming album is titled Magic Man and it is heartfelt nostalgic warped vocal filled pop piece that soothes the senses and can be downloaded absolutely free via his Bandcamp page. I for one already can’t wait for the full album after hearing Inner Gazing and don’t forget there will be a fresh Mickey Brown album coming our way soon.

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