She said I wouldn’t be able to stand the cold winters there after coming from a southern desert. I was packing my bags and thinking about the two of us meeting and became sure that I could. The next day I traveled to the airport and managed to just catch my flight after scuttling my way through the security maze. It would only be a few hours of reading until I finally met her face to face. While I was afraid, I could picture the two of us meeting eyes and moving toward each other. Our arms are reaching out to grasp each other for the very first time and as I peer over your shoulder I see the snow falling and the world around us fades to white.

I just got my hands on the newest song by Blackbird Blackbird and it features another solid collaborative effort with a female vocalist. This time Mikey has worked his musical know how on the voice of Emily Reo who you may know already from her own work and her recent collaborative efforts with Craft Spells and Truman Peyote or her contributions to thefmly. As in the recent Starlight collaboration with Steffaloo, Emily’s voice melds perfectly over the four four thump and deep humming bass line. Hints of guitar and subtle percussive taps help to drive the track along as the vocal weaves its way in and out as all come together to create a full rich listening experience. Also keep an eye out for a second version of the Modern Disbelief single that will also feature Emily’s vocals.

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