The first offering of three in this brand new GPBP feature is a remix of Ricky Eat Acid’s Smile that I recently received from Craig Cruiser aka Ben Wagner who you may have  previously known as Hooray!.  This is the sort of remix that people who dislike a remix crave. It doesn’t completely eliminate the sound of the original composition or add one tiny kick drum into the mix. It adds many new layers that weave in seamlessly with the original sound of the track giving it a more hazed out sound while keeping the original feel of the track intact. If anything it almost seems as if Ricky Eat Acid thought he may have forgotten an instrument or to and the Craig Cruiser version seems to remember just what was missing the first time around.

The second remix I have for you today comes from Blackbird Blackbird and is his rework of The Record Summer’s Put You Out.  The original is an indie acoustic song with sweeping strings and a strong vocal lead that makes it perfect for the Blackbird Blackbird touches applied to it. The guitar intro is kept drawing itself into a fade out that leads into the bass filled electronic tinged rework perfectly. The sweet and somber vocals overlay perfectly with the relaxed hum and quiet four four tempo that builds underneath taking an already emotive piece and turning it into a headphone dream for the broken-hearted.

Last and definitely not least is the freshest offering from Star Slinger and his trademark reworking of Deerhunter’s Helicopter. He adds his signature chopped and glitched hip-hop flavors to the track sending it to head nod heaven. If that wasn’t enough to get you excited already get a load of the deep bass wobble wiggling its way underneath that silky smooth vocal. The vocals are chopped finely and added to the dish in just the right proportions to remind you that while this is absolutely the Deerhunter track it has been transformed and rearranged into Star Slinger’s own much the way he was able to rework the rest of his latest remixes or Dutchie Courage. He has a perfect knack for taking on another artists work and finding just the right bits and pieces to reassemble into a machine of sound he can call his own.

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