We just stood there staring at each other attempting to make this experiment work. I was studying the features in her face. The curves of her lips and the shape of her eyes. The way her hair slid perfectly down her face like a soft waterfall was drawing me in. She stared back looking deeply into my brown eyes. It was too obvious what we were both thinking to prove this experiment was a success. I could tell from her small smile and her flushed cheeks that she was thinking the same thing that I was and so neither of us was a truly telepathic.

I first heard the Telepathics slick synth filled dream pop a good while back via their Italo flavored track 23:59 and was excited to see a fresh new four track EP up on their Bandcamp entitled Jungle Reaction. If you remember that track and its relaxed looped out bounce you will be very pleased with the results they have had in recording the EP. It also contains 23:59 as three new compositions all that contain their smooth warm bass lines while providing a nice back and forth between male and female vocals. Though sharing similar elements each of the four tracks has a distinct sound from dream pop, to ambient drone and some dubbed out 80’s feel. The EP can be previewed or downloaded here for a mere three dollars and I think after you get a taste of what they have created you won’t be able to resist the way they combine varied well-known elements in a new fresh way.

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