Each and every one of has one. Our viewpoints and ideas shaping them daily as they evolve and grow pushing forth and being conformed and manipulated by a billion different stimuli. Although we do all live on the same planet we each are creating our own little world. Whether it be made for escape or release or violent confrontation these worlds and this journey will never be the same for the next one of us to come. It makes me wonder why we all spend so much time trying to find our place in this world when we are already in place in our own.

Chicago’s Glitter Bones recently released a reverb tinged bass wobbling new single entitled Worlds that is up for streaming on their Bandcamp that deserves some checking out. I first heard the group back in February through a close friend of mine playing them for me and have been keeping an eye on them all year due to their EP Returning The Magic which will also be remastered and released soon as a 12″ with four bonus tracks on SVN SNS Records as well as the remix they did for Twin Sister’s Lady Daydream. Not sure if this track is going to be part of a new EP but after hearing it I can only hope so and I think you will agree.

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