There is a faith that doesn’t need a God to help make us believe. It is found daily in the relationships we build and the ideas we create together. The twisting hands that interlock fingers turning two into one in the middle of the night and those whispered words we share are what is keeping us all sane. Each well worked out plan and memory made in the dark that we create with each other is giving us a strength and confidence that we would have never found on our own. These things we can prove exist and are worth investing and believing in.

In a year filled with talented young artists seeking each other out and creating new music the various intuitive minds behind Dead As Digital, Stadiums And Shrines, and The Road Goes Ever On have collaborated to bring you some of the best up and coming artists being tossed into their blender to bring you Collaborations. This limited one hundred Cassette and digital release is a must hear project that pairs up some of their favorite artists who came together to work on new original collaborative efforts. The list is a varied range of sounds that if you have been listening to their own separate works this year you couldn’t help but be excited about hearing what they have created together. Many GPBP favorites are featured and I know I for one was already awaiting to hear where and when some of these would be released after seeing some of the artists speak about collaborating on Twitter.

There is a taste of everything for every ear here and all for the low price of only six dollars on a professionally dubbed cassette that was created from the master recordings and as you can see you also get the gorgeous artwork from Nathaniel Whitcomb. Also note that while the digital release will be coming on the 1st there is one exclusive track found only on the cassette release and I promise you after hearing a preview you will want each and every song these artists have collaborated on. Get over to and place your pre-order now as I said the release is limited to only one hundred tapes and will be guaranteed to sell out quickly.

Also note that you can hear one track to preview from each of the blogs themselves to give yourself a small taste of what is to come. Be sure to visit them all and show them some love as well as get the inside scoop on what it took to put this project together.

I was also sent one of these songs directly last night from Scott Dickson aka Closed Cassette who I have been planning to cover soon. His collaboration was with Top Girls on this dreamy and warm synth filled track called For Now from the release. As you can see from this sample track the pairing turned out some extremely creative and interesting sounds bringing out the best in both young acts. The relaxed pacing and twinkling almost sci-fi cosmic synth skittering in the background builds up to the vocals full release as well as the return of that line and makes for a rich and complete laid back relaxing electronic sound. Once again be sure to support all of the artists involved in this release and get over to to place your pre-orders and show Mike, Dave, and Cam that you are interested in their project so they will continue to put together more for us all to listen to and enjoy.

Closed Cassette and Top Girls – For Now

Full track list as follows

Side A

1. Top Girls and Guerre – Melt

2. Teen Daze and Jaded Hipster Choir – Low Glow

3. Weed and Foxes In Fiction – Teenage Dream

4. Closed Cassette and Top Girls – For Now

5. Ghost Animal and Rachel Levy – We Don’t Care

6. Ghost Houses – Ritual

Side B

7. Holy Spirits and Gem Club – Fingertips

8. Seeing Suge (Star Slinger, Emay and Blackbird Blackbird) – Breaking

9. Pepepiano and Warm Waves – Air

10. Gay Boiz (Kumon Plaza and Rachel Levy) – High Level Alchemy

11. Star Slinger and Pandit – Self Love

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