It was hot and humid that afternoon and the sun was finally making its long journey down. I was just relaxing on a blanket while staring at the rolling ocean thinking about you when everyone started to file in from their cars. I’d shown up early and already dug the pit out in the secluded spot we all liked to spend our time. Everyone was there as were the usual party favors and an acoustic guitar. I played along on ice chest drum kit while Jimmy chipped in with a pair of maracas made from a pebble filled beer can. We played along for a bit and it was a good time yet I couldn’t stop wondering why you weren’t there.

Bloomington Indiana’s aptly named Triptides have recently put two fresh lo-fi surf singles up via their Bandcamp and both are perfect for making one last grasp at keeping your summer going. They manage to update a classic sound well adding modern haze to the old school surf swing on Venus Is Cruel which also features a great harmonized chorus.

On Something Silver they also have that same classic surf groove and one hell of a tambourine shake worth catching if you are paying attention in your headphones. Also loved the drum intro and chorus of this one as well the slight psychedelic haze and shimmer throughout the track.

Really wasn’t able to find out a ton of info on them sadly other than the band is made up of Glenn Brigman Josh Menashe and Zech Baumhover, however their Myspace says more singles are recorded and being mixed and coming our way. You can also stream two other tracks there as well so I would think we could expect a possible EP or albumĀ  soon as it seems these guys have their sound nailed down and are ready to be heard.

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