I love to pick things up at random when making a visit somewhere new or out making a memory with a friend. By pick things up I don’t mean I purchase some empty tourist attracting trash that I will just throw away at some point, though let’s face it a crushed penny can be pretty awesome. I take these random things like ticket stubs, odd drawings, and fortune cookie fortunes and I keep them filed away neatly in my wallet. I save each letter I’m sent and I file those away in a drawer next to my bed just in case I need a hello from you when you are away. I suppose in the end it can be a strange habit however we all age and start to remember less and so it is good to have a souvenir.

I first heard about Ra Cailum due to a post of Seldom Does It Matter in July on No Modest Bear. I’ve been trying to keep up with him ever since after getting a taste of the Leaving EP on Bandcamp and recently AMDISCS  released his eight track Souvenir EP. The EP is a superb mixture of both swirling synth filled songs some of which really have some get down to them alongside some more relaxed pieces filled with laid back guitars and the use of his voice as an added instrument rather than a lyrical vocal. The album shows a nice variety between synth funk, slow chugging disco, 80’s programmed drum pad filled sounds, and lo-fi guitar riffs that all come together in one well made EP. The full eight track EP can be downloaded directly from AMDISCS here and be sure to check out the Leaving EP as well if you missed out the first time around.

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