It was raining that day and I would have to walk up the hill again to get something to eat. I tried calling you since you told me you were going to be giving me a ride. You said you would be there in about twenty minutes and while I was waiting I noticed you smoked the last of my pot and stole all of the money I’d been pinching and hiding away for more. Now I’m left trying to beat the clock in the pouring rain before the lunch hour ends. I gave you one last call before heading out and you just let the phone ring probably avoiding my anger. It seems to me that maybe I don’t need your friendship.

I recently received an email from Paris duo Total Warr who floored me with their singles Gangsta Rap and I Don’t Need Your Friendship earlier in the year with their lush mixture of catchy lightly hazed vocal style and swirling electronics.They were kind enough to share some songs and let me know they have their digital debut EP on the way on Hi-Scores Recording. The EP is titled Cascades and will be released on the 28th to buy digitally on iTunes, emusic, and Amazon. It contains both of the previous two singles which would make it worth the price on their own as well as two others that I have yet to hear. If you haven’t had a chance to check out their relaxed brand of electronic vocal pop get a small taste here and keep an eye out for the full EP next week.

I Don’t Need Your Friendship

Full EP track listing as follows

1. Gangsta Rap

2. I Don’t Need Your Friendship

3. Seasidal Tendencies

4. Wall Of Sound

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