I was dreading feeling so dreadful with the crunch of brown crackling dead leaves making their crackled crunching cacophony underneath the soles of my sneakers. Already the sky was beginning to turn gray with the clouds of the coming winter. Before I know it I will find myself slowly roasting in warm robes and flannel sheets only inches away from the heater. The chill bringing with it the prospect of flu and coughing bouts as I shake and struggle to light and quickly suck down the death in my cigarettes will cut me like a million shards of broken glass. There are very few things more painful than winter when you are raised in desert heat and though we may burn in the summer sun those snow carrying winds always signal the pain of this sinister season.

Tomorrow will mark the release of The Selmanaires newest 7′ Sinister Season with its b-side single B. Spell on Double Phantom Records. While the singles have been available for a short while on i-Tunes, we all know that nothing can ever sound better than a fresh vinyl copy of a recording ringing out through headphones and believe me these singles will do just that. With its winding slithering bass line and various electronics ringing out over interesting percussive rhythms Sinister Season begs you to be overtaken from the start. That steady thumping bass drum intro leads up to relaxing percussive taps and a psychedelic shifting vocal echo that begs for you to get lost in your headphones. You can also preview the haunting b-side B. Spell through a stunning video release here and purchase your copy of the 7″ here.

The Selmanaires – Sinister Season

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