Life isn’t always easy when your main purpose is to kill everything in your path and even when you know it is purely for survival that you use those gnashing teeth to saw that seal apart you can’t help but feel somewhat heartless. Nature takes its course and you move on gliding through beneath the waves constantly scanning those dark waters for your next meal. At times however there are moments of peace and beauty here. Those brightly lit schools of tropical fish that move as units of color painting their way across an endless canvas. They are too small to be a meal and so instead of your belly you simply swim and take in the moment before you must set out to kill again.

I was recently linked to a brand new slowly slinking single made for the depths of both the ocean and the heart by Georgia’s Exact Index. This single is a perfect late night slow burner made for the headphones or the dance floor with a weaving smooth bass line that grooves throughout behind softly beaming keys and light percussion. The vocals are subtle and understated though the lyrical content contained within is powerful and poignant almost hiding their heartbreak behind the promise of that last dance. You can give this a listen and a download on his Bandcamp and don’t miss a listen to his previous single Home. Both are quality tracks and I would think that based on their strength it won’t be long before we see a full EP release.

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