I can still see the bright flashes of light even though I am not quite sure what is happening. I hear her screaming in the distance as the strobes flash in my eyes and I feel the hot heat of pain searing through my face. It’s in this moment that I find it almost insane what people will do for a few dollars stuffed into an old wallet. I never even had a chance to see his face. Pummeled with something from behind I went down fast grasping the back of my head. All I can remember was the horrified look on her face and the quickly speeding slides in between my eyes blinks that allowed me to see his boot heel and those blood stained white laces.

Richmond’s White Laces are preparing to release their first fresh slab of 12″ vinyl with their second EP of the year through Whole Ghost/Shdwply Records in November. They seem to be really on a roll this year releasing two EPs and playing with the likes of Eternal Summers and Wild Nothing with planned upcoming shows with Eternal Summers, Reading Rainbow, Sore Eros, and Animal Hospital and an appearance at CMJ. They will also be busy making videos for the singles Motorik Twilight and Spirituals as well as releasing one other 7″ by the year’s end. The EP is five tracks of solid back to basics rock n roll. Don’t expect any lo-fi droners just fine tuned solidly produced rock blending various tempos and sound shifts that show off their variety. You can have a preview listen on their website’s Soundcloud player or purchase and preview the digital download of the EP on their Bandcamp if you just can’t wait for the 12″.

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