I don’t remember that day when my small weak freshly formed beak pecked timidly at the egg that I was encased in. I also don’t remember that first feather forming from the tufts that until then I was covered in. I do remember the day that I saw you there perched above me just before the dawn. Our friends and families gathered to converse and awaken the world to another sunrise. It was when I saw you there afraid and shaking. You had your neck bent peering over the edge of your nest and it was at that moment that I knew I too would soon spread my wings and fly.

Blackbird Blackbird recently sent me a new song which when I fired it up I couldn’t help but think it sounded familiar. I was excited with the promise of another Steffaloo vocal collaboration after hearing Starlight and as it turned out Fly is a re-worked version of Fade To White which featured the vocals of Emily Reo. It’s interesting to compare both versions back to back as while they are in essence the same song the alternate vocals give it a different almost cover like feel. You can pre-order the Fade To White/Letting Go 7″ now from Fire Talk Records here and if you didn’t get the split 7″ for Pure/So Sorry Girl with Pao Pao ft Prizes on Double Denim you should get in on that one soon here as well as it is almost sold out. Speaking of Pure if you haven’t seen the video you should and you can do that here.

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