I’m waking up in a startled panic the second my alarm starts to sound. I’ll jump up and oddly stumble toward the kitchen with my arms outstretched like a zombie fumbling with the coffee and its filter. I’ll begin searching for a cigarette and attempting to decide which articles of clothing I pull on the fastest after an up coming two-minute shower free for all. I’ll speak with my ride to work while attempting to brush my teeth hoping they understand my speaking in between spits and then rush down to the check the mail. By then it will be time for me to get into work, run to the clock to punch in, and skip the meeting to get right to it pushing myself to go faster and do more all evening. Sometimes I can’t help but think I should just chill out and relax more.

Recently received this brand new single Chill Out, Dude from Ben Wagner under his Craig Cruiser moniker. If you checked out my previous posts about his Cruising The Night Away EP or the remix he recently knocked out for Ricky Eat Acid well prepare yourselves as he has taken yet another exploratory sound direction. While yes he does often make relaxing experimental electronic music this is something a little bit different purposely taking the song into full on Chillwave/Glo-fi mode and making plain and simply a gorgeous laid back relaxing four on the floor dream pop track. While this would absolutely work on the dance floor the real magic happens in your headphones as you are able to piece together the many hidden bleeps, blips and other sonic surprises. The single is currently available for download via the Craig Cruiser Bandcamp as is the previous EP which is well worth the time taken to download.

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