I set everything out that I would need early that morning. It would be a full day of shaping the petals and stems into the many different multicolored designs I would be using. Wires would need to be twisted and turned into small corkscrew stems so that I could begin to apply each piece deliberately and delicately. They would take their shape slowly revealing their copied forms of nature and I would then take them and arrange them in a small vase. It was always her favorite thing to do and I’ve never forgot to celebrate her birthday by making them then taking them to see her.

I received an email recently from Tallahassee FL native Sean Beard otherwise known as Plastic Flowers with two recent singles and am pleased to report they are homemade synth pop gems that give a solid nod to the eighties. She Learned The Best way has a driving four on the floor tempo but doesn’t come off at all like a dance track. Echoing vocals weave in and out over the thumping bass pattern while synths from the background. Drive Me Home is a perfect homage to the 80’s with its haunting just in time for a Halloween New Wave love affair vocal and sound passages. He also just released two other new tracks as a single through the Beko DSL label that you should rush over and download as well. All in all great synth pop from a one man recording artist that is going to be one to watch.

Plastic Flowers – She Learned The Best Way

Plastic Flowers – Drive Me Home

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