We are three lines outstretched and reaching toward new angles. Each of us a piece of this puzzle that comes together adding one part to the whole. We are smooth-sided and sharp cornered and when our lines connect our shape forms revealing what we have become. A smooth attractive shape forming after each angle has been interlocked to combine each of our elements into something new and larger than each of us. We have found the new angles and we are sharing them with you.

I’ve been sitting with the Seeing Suge single Breaking since its release this Friday and soaking up each of the four tracks that Emay, Star Slinger and Blackbird Blackbird have put together. If you missed this track on the Collaborations cassette this is your chance to hear what three of the most creative young artists of the year are capable of when they all get together to have a party. Each of them bring their own talents to the table with Emay doing the hip-hop verses over a deep bass filled chopped Star Slinger beat. Blackbird Blackbird lingers in the distance with his voice weaving in and out as if it were its own instrument.

Not only do you get this collaborative effort when you get the single you will also get a separate track from each artist. Blackbird Blackbird gives you Little Respect a new track featuring both the voice of Steffaloo and a sample of Aretha Franklin’s Respect which will be the first single on his upcoming album scheduled for a 2011 release.

Emay’s contribution is next with a track called Sleep which will be featured on his upcoming debut album that is based on the sampling of Slowdive. This is Emay being a bit more serious than on his recent Douche Lincolns single over some of the freshest production work in Hip-Hop.

The final track on the Breaking single comes from the UK’s Star Slinger and is called 1987. If you haven’t noticed by now Star Slinger has become one of the more exciting producers and remixers on the block and this single which may or may not be on his next project Volume 2 Jetpack Jams proves that. Just peek around through these pages if you have any doubt to find both his original compositions as well as current remix projects for the likes of Deerhunter, Small Black and Alpine.

You can pick up the release here via the Seeing Suge Bandcamp totally free and wait with the rest of us to see if these three rising artists will combine for a full future release.

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