One thing that could never be said about me is that I am not curious. I can never seem to draw my eye away from that slightly open door or keep myself from peeking into anything marked private. Those small boxes that you keep in your drawers and under your beds full of letters from past lovers and those diaries that you read to yourself by candle light at night after a couple of glasses of wine contain more truth about you than a conversation with you ever could and while I know you have no interest in me knowing I am just unable to avoid wanting to know. The millions of things that make up each and every subtle detail will always keep me guessing.

I’m starting to get more excited each and every time that I receive a new email from Double Phantom Records as each has proven to be a true gem of an electronic release. Today’s offering is a quiet ambient electronic relaxing affair with the digital release of the album Planet Plant by Qurious. They vocal passages are soothing siren songs lulling even the most harsh of listeners into their tones whether the track is slow-paced and spaced out like those on Mariana or a tad more uptempo such as the track River Run. Each track is a varied experiment in electronics with plenty of headphone tantalizing tones and hip sway percussive elements. The entire eleven track release is available both on the Double Phantom website here as well as on the Qurious Bandcamp site where you can stream and preview the release as well as download their previous EP Transmission Permissions. If you are more visually inclined there is also a video offering for the track Mariana found via Vimeo here.

Other Qurious info found here