When they finally finished the project they were so proud of themselves. Each of them one by one taking a turn at entering the small spinning box with its mess of wires and computers with the highest of expectations would return changed and even more sad than they were before they took the journey. They would each find out that while you may go back and try to change something that they regretted in their past, they couldn’t save something else from happening that would affect them in a different way. History being changed to save one persons emotions only served to destroy another persons life making the box an endless chain of new regrets.

I recently received an email from Patrick Loggins who directed me to his latest EP Helvetica on Bandcamp. While I had previously heard the song 1992 each of the four other tracks on the Helvetica release were brand new to me. This is an interesting mixture of electronic exploration that combines multiple influences and genres. At times it is a wide open ambient experience with relaxing vocals used as an instrument of their own and at others a mixture of expanded synth work and well programmed percussive elements. As with 1992 each track seems to be similar to something you may have heard but with a creative inspired new twist. Familiar elements from other genres have been combined and reassembled to form a new and welcome electronic experience well worth the listen. You can download the EP directly from Bandcamp or Soundcloud or for a mere two dollars or more receive a physical copy with custom hand painted artwork.

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