One by one they each would fall from various accidents and unsuspected causes. Tom fell from a tree at age ten. His frail thin body tumbled through the branches after reaching out too far for a piece of fruit that just escaped his reach. Susan would be next after being struck by a car while chasing after the family cat at age six. William age thirteen succumbed to the depression he felt after losing the two of them and peppered one of his meals with the family rat poison. Gloria age eight remained as the last of the Fulton Four and spent each day wondering how she would go while thinking they must have all just been cursed kids.

To say the very least this has been an absolutely prolific year for Mikey S. also known as Blackbird Blackbird. Between his own album releases including the Summer Heart LP being released on vinyl and cassette, two EPs, some 7″s and the collaborative efforts he has been a part of such as Seeing Suge he still finds the time to make even more music. Consider this your introduction to a new batch of musical ideas from him with his Cursed Kids project and the first track released so far Eugene. It has a tropical rhythm and is full of hip shaking upbeat percussion and electronics making it much more primed for the dance floor then the chill rooms comfy couches. You can find the single for download for a measly one dollar on the Bandcamp he has set up for the project.

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