I am prepared to set out on this great adventure we all call life. It has only taken me thirty-two years to prepare for this voyage in which I hope to accept myself for who I am and to learn to a portion more about what it really means to be human on this earth. As I continue to age I vow to keep my bags lightly packed and to take each and every opportunity of discovery that may weave its way into my path. No saying no when I feel curious about what or where an experience that I may learn from will lead so that at the end of this long sorrow filled road I can say that when it is all over at least I was out there enjoying the ride.

Seams is set to release a brand new four track EP called Tourist as a follow-up to his very popular single Nightcycles and its remixes by the likes of Kohwi, Dam Mantle and Shells. With the new release Seams has taken a step away from the heavier electronic element to create a very natural and organic mixture of electronic dance music. This is not a bang on Blog House electronic release but instead something a slight bit minimal and experimental. While there are electronic instruments used in its creation, the sounds found on the EP contain many natural sounding percussive elements such as those used in Carnival and common found sounds like the haunting intro and bell tones used in Nachtmusik to overlay its deep bass tones. You can get a small taste of the EP via Hung Markets at the Seams Bandcamp and the full release will be on its way in November on Pictures Music Records.

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