In this one day I will wake up and begin my routine by adding a fresh razor cut to my chin while shaving. Shortly after I will take a slight spill in my shower my body left flailing as I fall. My dinner will be cheap microwaved and so hot that after taking the first bite my mouth will be so burned by the once frozen sauce that I won’t even have the chance to taste the rest. A phone call will come and she will be telling me to pack my things the moment the sneezing and coughing kicks in. I’ll then be off to work with my head held low but sporting a small timid smile while this song plays in my head and reminds me that no matter how bad it gets I should just think of it and never cry.

Mickey Brown is the combined talent of both Mickey Mickey Rourke and Lester Brown. If you were lucky enough to hear both their previous effort Vision Quest as well as the first single leaked from their upcoming album Soul Glo titled Zordon then you know as well as I do that when this pair of creative and exploratory music pioneers combine powers you are in for something special. The second single to leak from the album is titled Never Cry and is a fresh breath of air to Pop music. A retro yet hard to place vocal sound is backed up by an ethereal high-pitched voice packed with fun. Guitars strum over boom tick tick boom drum beats pushing the track along at a brisk and enjoyable pace. I for one can’t wait for the full albums release and after hearing this latest single either free via Bandcamp or right here on GPBP I believe you will be standing in line along with me.

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