It has been many years since I have lost them and though I am forced to spend the rest of my life in darkness I feel stronger than I ever have. Every scent has been reformed and has had every subtle nuance pulled from its center. Each thing that I eat becomes small explosions of new expanded flavors as each bite is placed into my mouth. I feel things and all of the curves and grooves come to life as my fingers pass across them. Sound has been enriched allowing me to pick apart every technical chord change and missed note or realizing even more so what went into making up the artists brilliant performance. Though there are times that I wish I could see again I have no choice but to accept this gift and use this phantom power.

Justin Morales also known as Seabright has recently tipped me off to a fresh new single he has posted up called Phantom Power. This is the first single released from an upcoming EP that he plans on having out sometime around December. If you checked out his previous EP releases Summer Songs and A Billion Stars Go Spinning Through The Night or his first full length LP Shimmer then you already know that he makes a mixture of acoustic and electronic element based pop. Old and new technology play off of each other throughout the new single as well to great effect. A relaxed vocal part rides atop of playful electronic sounds and comforting acoustic guitar playing perfect for a sunrise or sunset. Have a listen to the new single here and download direct from his Soundcloud as a way to hold you over until the full EP releases.

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