We were out that day near sunset sipping our last drinks of the evening. The breeze swayed the leaves above us as we lay in hammocks staring through the trees into the slowly dimming evening taking short moments to look at each other and smile. I still couldn’t believe that I was even here with her sharing these moments. Looking down at my sandals I started to remember how far away she once seemed and what I had been willing to do to make her mine. I couldn’t help but look forward to the sun setting and us both retiring into the cottage for a whispered conversation while she lay across my chest and her lips that would always taste like honey.

First things first this is a limited release of only 250 solid gold 12″ albums and is the first vinyl release on Special Awards Records. The Aboriginal inspired cover art was done by Lucas Grogan and as you can see it will make for a stunning sleeve. Now onto the important part, the music contained within. The pair of Prudence Rees-Lee and Alex Nosek have combined their talents to create a relaxing varied five track 12″ featuring a wide range of electronic soundscapes overlaid with the stunning vocals of Prudence. Classic electronic hand clap sounds, throbbing techno structures, and sugar-coated pop will invade your headphones. You will find yourself tapping your foot along with the tropical sound of the album’s opener one second and gently swaying your head to the album’s closer. The album’s official release will be on November first however you can stream and purchase the tracks separately now on Bandcamp if you can’t stand the wait. If you are interested in signing up for the pre-order list for this release assuming there are any copies left simply email dan@specialawardrecords.com, and he will put your name on the pre-order list.

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