Any of us would love to have that dream career. You wake up one morning fueled by the delights that swirled into your mind while in your slumber driven to chase that goal. Start out small as possible tinkering in your bedroom just plucking a few chords. You play those dank dirty bars in which everyone is depressed and there to drink their pain away while not even caring whether or not you exist. You watch your friends grow or begin to give up one by one while all the while you keep clutching onto that dream. After tireless work and a million hassles no one will ever know about you finally break through having a chance to live that dream. You are Bowie, you are Jagger, you are Springsteen.

Pepepiano coming off of both the very solid EP releases Trash Castles and Babes as well as one of the freshest and most creative sounding remixes this year has added a new single to his collection called Bruce Springsteen. If having the idea of sampling a live version of Springsteen’s Thunder Road wasn’t enough to tempt your ears into wondering what this might sound like wasn’t enough already those samples are hardly the star of the show. Wise use of tape looping and an absolutely stunning vocal reminding me of the pure pop bliss of the Swedes combines over a somewhat tropical beat that gets repeated and reformed in every direction. At some points you will find the track being a huge expanse of sounds and that huge sound will  suddenly shift to minimal elements that will have you entwined all the way until the harmonica plays you out. Have a listen to the new single here and don’t miss a chance to pick up both EPs while you still can from his Bandcamp.

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