The sound was like nothing I had ever heard before so it must have been the clambering hooves of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. We huddled together afraid to get near any of the windows and their banshee howling. Everything around us was rattles and shakes as the rushing torrent came upon our country home. Things began to fall from the shelves and we could hear several shingles being torn from the old wooden roof. The locusts buzzing wings were part of the cacophony mixed with their shouts and screams. Everything would soon be torn apart by whatever was in that mean wind.

I’ve been meaning to start getting caught up on a few different things that I’ve wanted to talk about recently and this is one of them. Mean Wind’s Yr Swword has been on heavy rotation for me for about a month now with its cheerful strut and catchy quickly strummed guitars. The soaring vocals and tight production isn’t only found on this one single however. This band hailing from Nova Scotia have a full EP titled What Happens In Hingham Stays In Hingham up on their Bandcamp that is filled with this sort of sugar-coated pop. You can expect tight percussion, expertly strummed guitars, and vocals that ring out and get stuck in your head for days. Have a listen to the single I’m smitten with here then venture over to the Bandcamp for a full serving of a Mean Wind’s full EP.

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