Each day she is paraded out with her entourage of a stylist, hairdresser, make-up artist, her agent and one meager underpaid assistant. She will go through the routine of receiving free clothing as well as a host of free products that she has been hard at work filming the commercials for. Her phone will ring constantly and her assistant will answer and jot down a message that will be returned. She will ride to a brunch, a gym, a dance class, a taping and might make it home in time to dress for dinner or at least more dancing and multiple drinks. She will return home to take a Valium and sleep on the finest linens having no dreams because they have already been achieved and she has already become a TV girl.

While most of the attention spreading around the blogosphere about San Diego’s TV Girl has been about their Todd Rundgren sampling track “Hello It’s Me”, I think there is much more to this band then the attempts at turning their song into the next “Cupid’s Chokehold.” After reviewing the other three tracks available on their free TV Girl EP what I have heard is a mixture of solid indie rock hooks and slick hip hop beat based pop. All four of the tracks are top-notch fun listens that shouldn’t be ignored whether you are cynical about the sample or not. Give it a listen yourself via the groups Bandcamp and see if you agree.

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