Up the street I could hear the rumble from blocks away coming from those rapidly spinning spokes grating against aces of spades. Black boots pressed down hard on pedals forcing their violent rotations. They were invisible in the night clad in all black from those same boots to their hair which flared hanging out of their masks behind them in the wind. While their bodies were small their minds were filled with the knowledge of hundreds of ancient tomes and it was clear that they were on a mission to summon something evil. I watched them a small while more already knowing that they were headed to the graveyard.

Miller Rodriquez just can’t slow down on the releases this year and be glad that he hasn’t as his newly leaked single from his upcoming Magic User LP is another slice of lo-fi experimental pop wonder. After the successful release of the Inner Gazing album which was filled to the brim with collaborations with artists like Craft Spells, Top Girls, and Foxes In Fiction as well as the upbeat lively single Never Cry off the soon to be released Mickey Brown “Soul Glo” album I had no idea what we could all expect from the new single especially with that tricky title. As always new and fresh ideas flow throughout the latest release with bending wobbling guitar work and a steady pressing drum beat combining with Miller’s unique vocal style these elements make for an irresistible slice of twisted pop. Give it a listen here and get ready for both the Magic User and Soul Glo albums to be fully released soon as well as some Mickey Brown tour dates and a Mickey Mickey Rourke website that is on its way.

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