Some things are left best unsaid. They will only be lost in the multitude of voices that will be retelling a story that was crafted well in its original form only to lose the vivid details that made the original such a captivating tale. However in the hands of the right bard those stories can be taken and added to. Layers that inject fresh wit and heart-string tugging dramatics can take shape turning the once well told story into an epic tale. Each word waits to capture the listeners ear and each new emotion takes shape in the faces of the crowd making the revision the memorable chronicle the one that you will tell each following generation.

Star Slinger has become quite possibly not only one of the most original artists to emerge this year, but one of if not the years finest remixers. His latest rework has been to take on a revered artist which can always be both a challenge to update and a risk in having die-hard fans react in a hateful manner toward those willing to tinker with their obsessions. Both fans of either Star Slinger or the Cocteau Twins however have absolutely nothing to fear when his touch is applied to their work. This new song titled Elizabeth Fraser adds just the right amount of modern juice to the classic cocktail with emotive synth work and masterful drum programming forming the basis for the trademark vocal stabs and touches we have come to know and love from Star Slinger. Elizabeth’s voice is used in expert manner turning up at just the right moments to add the perfect emotional flair to a radically changed backboard from the original creating a “Wait is this the Cocteau Twins” dance floor monster just waiting to happen. You can give the track a listen here and both stream and download it through the Star Slinger Bandcamp or Soundcloud. I suggest heading to either now as you simply do not want to miss this take on a classic artist’s work.

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