The three of them traveled the empty desolate plain collecting as much of this worlds relics as their pack mules could carry. Each rundown shack or abandoned burned out building presented the possibility of a find. They scrounged up each and every piece from once pristine instruments in an attempt to recreate something to remind them of a past in which humans everywhere would come together through sound. They would take their findings back to that same bunker that kept them alive when the end came and have their evening meal together before heading to the small dusty workshop they had created to assemble the pieces needed to create a long forgotten song.

Range Rover is a fresh young act from San Diego and by fresh I mean three teenagers with a wide range of influences that they have managed to combine into two recent singles Soda and Mind. With a varied collection of well-known instruments as well as guitar looping techniques, 8-track recordings and iPod apps the trio have crafted a fine blend of various influences into a pair of lo-fi treats far beyond their age. Mind is a syrupy sweet slow burner that adds layer after layer until it swirls out into the atmosphere once it reaches its peak. Soda is a slightly more upbeat affair with a train whistle intro that rolls into a steady chug along tracks of pumping percussion and lightly strummed guitar that clicks and claps in just the right places. Have a listen to Mind here and then go have a listen to Soda through the group’s Bandcamp and enjoy the ride.

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