It’s strange that in the end we would all become such fine friends. Each of us came from such a varied past and yet certain ideals would bring us together. Samantha spent years educating herself at the countries finest institutions and went on to become a leading cancer researcher. Due to her work she met Pete who while being well read had fallen on some hard times and was forced to live a meager life under a bridge downtown surrounded by whatever books he was able to steal and collect. As for me I just happened to be in the right bar at the right time to end up in a conversation with them both on how we might be able to get Pete the help he needed. We shared a lifelong connection through Pete that would always be with each of us even though we had such different lifestyles.

I recently received news of the newest release from Ben Wagner and was very pleased with the results. He has released a new album under his Craig Cruiser moniker titled Lifestyles that is his tribute to the Chillwave and Dream Pop genres. As you can expect the release is a mixture of relaxing synth work that is bound set you in an uplifting mood no matter what time of year. He recorded this album in his bedroom to help remind himself of summers spent at the beach while being trapped in the cold and it shows throughout the release. Warm synth tones simply pour out of the album and the release contains both the previously posted single “Chill Out, Dude” as well as five new songs and two covers that fit in perfectly with his tribute ideal. The two covers are for Washed Out’s “New Theory” and Animal Collective’s “Loch Raven” that both do the original tracks justice while also putting a fresh spin on them. His own compositions for the release fit in perfectly with the theme flowing along blissfully like a smooth ocean and you can hear and purchase this eight track release via Bandcamp as we speak for only four dollars so slip on your headphones head over there and drift away now.

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