It was warm that evening and we stood outside clasping hands in the breeze. We were staring into each others eyes and smiling when they started to fly in. An accumulation of tiny swirling lights allowed me to see the look on your face as I moved in to give you a kiss. They danced gracefully around us illuminating the grass and the trees while our lips moved softly together. Your lips were soft and I could both feel and see the electricity all around us. I slowly started to pull away just enough to tell you I love you as we stood in their evening glow.

I’ve been following the work of Athens Ohio native Brothertiger ever since the release of his Vision Tunnels EP in May. He has managed to really find his own space among his peers of electronic music creators making what is both a very relaxed mixture of both calm subtle sounds that have just enough gusto to work on the dance floor. On his most recent effort Evening Glow you will find these similar sounds working together in unison to create one mover and shaker of a laid back electrified treat. Starting with a laser beam opening the track continues to add layers of synth and 80’s New Wave sounding rhythms before reaching the stunning vocal breakdown at around the two-minute mark. You can both stream and download the new single here on Bandcamp as well as giving a listen to his previous EP and his last single Wind at My Back if you happened to miss out on those releases.

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