It isn’t that I’m angry with the way my body is changing. I stare into the mirror looking at the lines forming underneath these eyes that have seen so much time pass and yet have honestly seen very little of what this world has to offer. My ears and nose seem to be growing more hair than my face and definitely more than my head is. I see those patterns starting to form high on my forehead and that thinning spot in the middle that I see my scalp through are trophies of the years I have collected. One day I hope to figure out what the point of this long ride has been, but for now I just gaze at my face and continue to grow old.

It seems like I can’t stop posting fun talented acts from San Diego lately and The Speculators are my latest find. The four piece recently posted up both a cover for Bobby Boris Pickett’s “Monster Mash” and a brand new three track EP titled Grow Old. The EP is made up of three upbeat guitar driven lo-fi rock tracks and features guest vocals from Krista Feallock and Grant Gilbert. I wasn’t able to find any other info on whether the EP was going to be released on a physical format unfortunately though their Bandcamp has a release date set for November 16th. You can stream and download the EP for free there as well and have a listen to their title track single below.

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