I am having another conversation with myself. It is never easy to do and even though you would think that my own mind would be my best friend, I always find it to be my own harshest judge. It just never seems to forget all of those times that I made a horrible decision or that I hurt someone I loved to the point that they no longer want to speak to me. It reminds me that while it is always there for me that I am in the end alone. It scolds me for not being interesting enough that anyone would want to talk to me or have a moment of my time. Sometimes I just can’t help but think that as I go through life these conversations may be the hardest part.

I recently received news of an upcoming single release from Alchemist Records co-founder Adam Sarmiento’s own project I and I and what a release it is. The single is titled The Hardest Part and opens with a lonely somber piano’s voice that reminds me of the sort of thing that would normally soundtrack a collection of fall photos full of trees changing colors and slowly letting their leaves fall. Shortly after a cymbal falls into place and the vocal begins over a simple and very effective synth riff setting the basis for one of most heartfelt introspective singles that I have heard this year. While I find dance music enjoyable it seems rare that the vocals are more than just instructions for putting your hands up or shaking your ass and this single is one of those exceptions that has the ability to get your head nodding with its catchy rhythms but also gives you a little more to listen to and think about in between the taps of your foot. The full single will be released on November 16th on limited edition cassette and mini cd as well as digitally and will also include remixes from Atlantic At Pacific and Nassau as well as a distorted cheap synth b-side about Pocahontas.

I and I – The Hardest Part (Single Edit)

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