When forced to step outside bundled up in my thermal sweater and jacket just to have a shaky handed cigarette I can’t help but try to force myself to daydream about the previous months warm summer sun. The wind attempting to cut through my many layers stands no chance against my fond memories of summer romance and those days we spent covered in salt and sand. Each and every moment we shared watching the surfers cut swaths through the rippling waves or having some laughs singing next to a late night bonfire helps to envelop  me in warmth as my breath and smoke both appear in the cool winter air. I’ll drop my cigarette and go walking back into work to spend the rest of my evening reminiscing about that summer in the sun.

Back in September I posted up two tracks from Indiana’s Triptides that were a pair of fun surf sounds set for the summer. Since then they have added another four songs to their Bandcamp and have fleshed out an EP filled with those catchy summer sounds, lo-fi guitar riffs and steady pounding rhythms. The tempos shift around giving you a fine mixture of upbeat surf shakers and hazed out midnight vibes. I’m not sure about any info on a physical release of the EP just yet but you can hear and download both the previously posted pair of songs as well as the new four on the Triptides Bandcamp and join me in remembering those long warm summer days.

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