Staring up into the sky I can’t help but wonder how old each of those stars looking down on me must be. An endless light filled space expanding far beyond my eyes reach that has watched an eon pass. What wealth of knowledge could they possibly contain after watching so many generations come and go. Even more I have to wonder how much of that knowledge have they passed onto mankind. Was the sun our inspiration to set out and discover fire? Was our want to reach out to them the driving force that would push us into creating various modes of long distance travel? We have learned so much and yet it seems that until you spend an evening gazing up into that night sky we are always taking our universe for granted.

One of the first artists to ever be featured here on GPBP Universe has a brand new free online exclusive EP coming out on November 17th through Everything is Chemical. The Obispeño EP is four tracks long and features special guests Peter Pearson of Love Like Deloreans and La Big Vic and Hektor Fontanez of Twi the Humble Feather and Imaginary Weapons. According to the mail I received the album is a tribute to the Chumash Natives who were also from Universes home of California. I do have a track list for the EP however I along with the rest of you am forced to wait until the EP’s release for sampling and downloading. You can however get a taste of Universe’s previous work through his Bandcamp as well as picking up a physical copy of his latest release Gazing Gazing on CD, Cassette, or digital download.

Obispeño Track List

1. Anacapa 3:23

2. Hutash   1:24

3. Forests Untethered 2:51

4. Rainbow Bridge to Santa Cruz Island (Look Down) 10:08  Featuring Peter Pearson & Hektor Fontanez

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