This morning I found myself in a state of embarrassment as I walked down the empty side of what was a crowded street. People had all gathered about across the way to start forming a line for the theater and I was making my way down the sidewalk when suddenly it happened. My entire face pushed slowly through an invisible web in the dark and my instant reaction was a sudden flailing of each of my limbs in some sort of attempt to rid my face of the sticky spider’s silk. Across the street I could see them all laughing as I continued my dance of panic. The only thing that I could think was that they had all saw me and from this moment on to them I am a fool.

I received an email the other day from Brandon Mckenzie known as Panda Face asking me to have a look at an album that he self released in August titled Up In Space on Bandcamp. In his mail he says that the album was all recorded in an apartment studio then later mastered by a friend Ian Flux and I must say for being made in such a DIY manner the album’s final state sounds very polished. I was especially impressed with the album’s opener I Am A Fool with its wandering lines and crisp tight guitar riffs. The entire nine track album can be streamed and downloaded for free on the Panda Face Bandcamp here and here is a sample of I Am A Fool to get your interest going.

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