The two of us stayed in bed all morning and through most of the afternoon. The phones would ring and neither of us would get up to answer or even bother to see what voice mail or texts they may have left us. Footsteps could be heard stomping their way up the hall growing louder as they reached our door and turned into pounding knocks but we just pretended to not be there. We were absorbed into each other wrapped up in each others arms only thinking about the world we had made for ourselves in this small apartment together. We were just a pair of lovers that day deciding to lay low.

I recently stumbled upon the relaxing chilled out sounds of A Map Of The Chelsea Leaf while just having a look through Bandcamp and was surprised that up until this point I hadn’t heard of the project. To me this single titled Lay Low has a similar musical sound to Black Moth Super Rainbow meets Air coming off like a spaced out soul filled robotic love song. Water dripping synth lines and tight percussive beats carry the track to its deep sexy bass line and smooth sultry vocals that carry a smooth quiet storm vibe throughout . You can stream this new single here and on the A Map Of The Chelsea Leaf Bandcamp site as well as download and stream some of his previous work.

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